15 Amazing Podcasts Hosted by Women You Should Know About

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As avid podcasters listeners ourselves, we can’t help to notice that the podcasting space is dominated by male hosts, which can be a little discouraging if you are a female looking to start a podcast.

In this roundup, we hope to put that notion to rest with 15 real examples podcasts run by female hosts and how they got started.

1. Adi – The 9×90 Show

Image via The 9×90 Show

I am the host and founder of the 90×9 podcast (soon to be rebranded as the 9×90 podcast). I launched it last March, and within 9 months, it expanded to have listeners tuning in from 36 different countries. 

The podcast is a conversational showcase of high performers, mainly in the startup space. 

I use Anchor’s sponsor option to monetize the podcast and affiliate links on the individual website pages. However, neither are highly lucrative, so I’ve begun offering the ability for people to sponsor the podcast & website directly on the 90×9 website. 

The podcast has helped to establish my credibility within the startup space, but it has yet to provide a direct impact on revenue growth. 

2. Bianca – Authentic Wednesday Podcast 

Image via Authentic Wednesday Podcast

I love sharing information and asking thought-provoking questions and realized they merge together quite well for podcasting. Creating a podcast was on my goals list for about 2 years before I came up with an idea and started the process in 2019. The idea for the Authentic Wednesday Podcast came from a weekly video I provided on my Instagram called Authentic Wednesday.

As a licensed professional counselor in Georgia, I specialize in perfectionism, helping people embrace their imperfections and authentically be themselves. Therefore, I often focus on the authenticity aspect of my work, as it really is what we desire. People often think therapists are perfect and have it all figured out, which is not true. The whole idea behind Authentic Wednesday on my Instagram was to become more relatable as a therapist, share my challenges and celebrations and how I work through them.

Whenever I met people, they always shared how they loved the Authentic  Wednesday videos as the information was helpful and made me realize they were not alone with the challenges they encountered. Due to the feedback, I decided to bring Authentic Wednesday to podcast format sharing not only my authentic stories but the stories of my guests.

I knew I would need support getting started, so I joined a course called Healthcasters, which is for health, wellness, and fitness podcasters. The course was created by Melvin Varghese, who has a top podcast Selling the Couch. I appreciated the course as I was able to go at your own pace, had monthly video calls, and a private Facebook group. I am still part of the group as there is a wealth of support and knowledge in the group. My podcast is my baby, and I need all the help and support to nourish and grow my podcast baby.

The Authentic Wednesday Podcast is for anyone who loves to hear stories with an authentic slice of life, if you are someone desiring to be more authentic, or you are on your authenticity journey. Each week you will hear my guests or myself share our behind the scenes stories of giving ourselves permission to take off our mask, let go of expectations, and embrace our own path of freedom and authentic connection with ourselves, loved ones and the world.

I am currently the beginning stage of my podcast, l launched in September 2019. Therefore, I am currently focused on building an audience. I plan on monetising the Authentic Wednesday Podcast via sponsorships and directing business to my services of therapy in Georgia, authenticity coaching, and speaking.

3. Erica – The Hollywood Success Podcast

Image via The Hollywood Success Podcast

My podcast is called The Hollywood Success Podcast (on iTunes and Spotify) in the niche of TV/Film (although I have listeners across all industries who are pursuing any kind of dream).

Twelve years ago I moved to Los Angeles to pursue my dream of working in television. I had no contacts, and I only knew 3 people in the city, but that didn’t stop me from booking work on 39 TV shows and films.

Then, one day, I was watching Jack Canfield on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday during some downtime at work, and I suddenly felt tears stream down my face. It was a clear message from my intuition: I’m supposed to be helping people. My dream was shifting. That’s when I began The Hollywood Success Podcast.

I wanted to help others achieve their Hollywood dreams, and the podcast was a great medium to do it. Over the years, many people have told me they found my podcast by searching—it seems I created something they were looking for. My audience has also grown through sharing, social media, my email list, and the products and services I offer.

While I don’t monetize it directly, I do use it as a way to connect personally with listeners and have gained many clients this way.

4. Nichole – The Richer Geek

Image via The Richer Geek

I work full time in Tech for Cisco, and then my husband and I also own and operate branded hotels (Choice and Radisson). My podcast brings these two worlds together to inspire others in tech to make their money work for them. I seek to provide my audience with ideas and validation that it’s possible to build wealth by owning or investing passively in businesses.

Using LinkedIn and other sites, I find guests that work full-time in Tech and ask them to share what businesses they own or are working on while also working full time. Some of the most inspiring episodes include folks from companies like SAP, Facebook, and Microsoft that are owning businesses like real estate property, trucking companies, and barbershops.

I also have episodes that include experts like CPAs, Lawyers, Franchise brokers, etc.

The only episode that takes a detour from this theme is #33… which is titled “This Episode Could Save Your Life” because we talk about chronic sleep issues and sleep apnea.  I ran this show, because, in one episode I very briefly mentioned investing passively in a company that created a mobile app for early detection of sleep apnea. The whole discussion was in the context of leveraging a self-directed IRA.

After this very brief mention, someone reached out to me for info on the app, and I realized that I could use my podcast platform to bring awareness to this issue. I’ll actually be speaking about this topic at Podfest with a speech titled “Podcasting as a platform to save lives”. Sleep apnea and the lack of awareness is very personal to me because when my husband and I went to the investor introduction for this company as they started describing the symptoms of sleep apnea, it suddenly made us realize my husband needed to get tested. It turns out, he has severe sleep apnea and stopped breathing 82 times an hour at night….. and we had no idea. We just thought he snored. If it weren’t for that investor meeting, who knows how long we would have gone without knowing? Thus, after that listener reached out to me, I realized that getting the word out could help to save lives by bringing awareness.

About monetizing the podcast…. this wasn’t really my goal when I started but as my husband and I grew our hotel business, we realized that the podcast could help get the word out for listeners that are looking for alternative passive investments. I now periodically have episodes where my husband joins me to talk about hotel investing, which is a very niche area that many people are interested in learning more about.  I’ve had listeners send me emails that they didn’t know that “regular people” could own hotels.

How do I go about my podcast?  I have an amazing audio editor who handles all the audio files, publishing to my hosting company, my website and creating show notes. Right now, I handle everything else — guest outreach, management, social media (smarterqueue), but I do have a VA starting on 2/24 to help with some of these.

As I talk with folks that are interested in investing in our next hotel, many of them listen to the podcast. Although this is a one-way communication, the listener starts to feel like they know the podcast host. It’s almost surreal when we get on a phone call, and they tell me that they feel like they know me.

There’s another huge benefit that I’ll share – I have met the most amazing people only because I have a podcast.  I reach out to people on LinkedIn, Twitter, and other sites that I’d have no reason to connect with if it wasn’t for my podcast. Guests have sent me their books, and I’ve learned so much from what they have to share. Other guests have referred me to excellent thought leaders in various industries. Having a podcast expands your network in ways you wouldn’t have imagined.  

5. Shila Morris and Kay Salerno – The Mentorship Quest

Image via The Mentorship Quest

Kay and Shi got started with podcasting after they had built their restaurant business, and wanted to share their passion for personal development with others! Kay and Shi’s goal is to bring the benefits of mentorship to people in a super accessible way.

For this reason, they created a 5-minute mini-podcast where they can share some of the advice that helped them through their lives and business ventures! The podcast includes a famous (motivational) quote, a little teachin’ and (non-religious) preachin’ on that quote, and then we offer up a “quest” – which is a bite-sized nugget of a personal development challenge our listeners can take on within the day!

Our overall strategy, when it comes to growing our podcast audience, is to be persistent at plugging it anywhere and everywhere possible (like here on HUSTLR)! We bring awareness to future audiences by consistent, daily, social media posts relevant to the content of that day’s podcast, as well as all the fun “click me!” links that deliver them straight to the source. Basically – we make it easy!

Make it easy for people to be aware of our content, access our content, and (hopefully) become a loyal listener! Speaking of content and wanting those loyal listeners…we really place value on putting out content that our audience can engage with, and will find useful in their everyday lives! As of now, we have no concrete plans to monetize our podcast – but we are looking into the concept of monetizing our Facebook groups instead 😉

6. Liz – Confident Coach Club Podcast

Image via Confident Coach Club Podcast

My name is Liz, and I am a Productivity & Business Coach and the host of the Confident Coach Club Podcast. With the podcast, we help new and aspiring coaches start and grow their business. It’s a mix of solo-episodes and interviews with successful coaches. In the solo-episodes, I share actionable tips about finding your niche, packaging your services, creating content to attract your ideal clients, and getting a consistent stream of clients. With the interviews, my aim is to share real-life stories of people that have successfully quit the corporate world and built a sustainable and thriving coaching practice. 

I started my podcast after years of writing blog posts for my own coaching business. I had been on a few podcasts as a guest and really loved the format. I like how easy it is to create valuable content for your audience – writing takes a lot more effort, and it’s difficult to outsource. With the podcast, it only takes me 60 – 90 min per episode, including preparation. Everything that happens after I’ve recorded is taken care of by my team. 

Right now, we don’t monetise the podcast itself but with our target group, sponsorships with software tools for coaches are something we have on our radar. However, the podcast is the main content marketing strategy for the Confident Coach Club where we offer online courses and private coaching to help new coaches grow their business. I always encourage our listeners to sign up for our free e-mail course, which is how we get their email address – and then we use email marketing to sell our products and services. 

7. Anda – Knotch’s Pros and Content Podcast

Image via Knotch’s Pros and Content Podcast

Anda Gansca, Co-Founder and CEO at Knotch, created this podcast in 2019 as a way to unite content marketers around the myriad of challenges and changes the industry was facing. Each week, she sits down with CMOs and marketing pros across all industries to discuss how to tell better stories, and prove the value of these stories. Recent guests include Kristin Lemkau from JPMorgan Chase, David S. Cohen at Variety, Cristina Jones at Salesforce, and Suzanne Kounkel at Deloitte, among others. 

Situated in the digital marketing landscape, Anda started the podcast after being surrounded by storytellers spanning global brands and realizing the opportunity Knotch had to create a community. Knotch’s Pros and Content podcast celebrates each guest’s success with content, as well as gives listeners a chance to learn about pressing industry issues.

As a result of the podcast, Anda was able to create a “Pros and Content” brand, spanning outside just the podcast to include a content hub and even a conference. Knotch has always sought to build a community and celebrate the best in content marketing. The benefits of the podcast include brand awareness and sparked conversations among the movers and shakers in marketing.

8. Roz – Engage Your Healthcare Leadership

Image via Apple Podcasts

Roz holds qualifications in Veterinary Science, Training and Assessment, and the Neuroscience of Leadership. She is also accredited in several learning and development assessments, including MBTI, DISC, and Emotional Intelligence.

10 years as a business owner, she recently set up an online business focusing on healthcare managers – delivering management and leadership courses and forums via a membership model. Roz started podcasting as a way of building a global audience – and it has! Her podcast has led to people in her target market reaching out to be guests, it’s connected her with people all over the world, and it’s growing awareness in her new business venture.

9. Amanda – StrongMamaMoves

Image via StrongMamaMoves

My name is Amanda Jayne and I run a Podcast called Strongmamamoves. It’s returning after a little break. I do mainly storytelling surrounding my journey with mental health, C-PTSD, and how I go about going from survival to thriving.

I’ve just come back from traveling solo with my little girl, who was not quite 2, from Scotland to London to Bali then Sydney and back. So I will be covering all the planning, emotions and moves around that in my next season.

I’ve just started guesting on other people’s podcasts to start increasing my traffic and have begun pitching on Podcorn to try and secure some advertising to monetise it alongside Patreon.

What started out as a fitness podcast as I’ve been in the fitness industry for over a decade, soon turned to storytelling around my mental health journey and life as a single mum from pregnancy… Who has lost both parents already. I’ve found talking and writing about my experiences candidly quite therapeutic, releasing, I guess, so initially, it was for me. The more people messaging me, telling me that my writing or speaking helped them because they didn’t feel alone in their feelings and experiences gave me the confidence to do more.

10. Shasta – Sexellence

Image via Sexellence

I host a podcast called Sexellence – where my husband and I transparently speak to the importance of great sex and WHY it contributes to a great relationship and LIFE and HOW to actually create a great Sex Life – not just what pink dildo to buy 🙂

I started this podcast for two reasons:

  1. There are NO Great Sex Podcasts – we looked around the podcast environment, and it was full of BDSM, sex, toys or kink, which is all cool, but not what us committed, “vanilla” folks were into or seeking, AND we had SO many people asking us questions as relationships experts, so we extended this to SEX. We have had amazing feedback and are so honored to open up the conversation about the powerful and natural desire and practice of sex.
  1. I dealt with my own shame, trauma, and guilt – sex is SO taboo still and maybe becoming even MORE taboo in our culture. As a woman, I had dealt with my own sexual trauma and also guilt and shame about being a sexual being. I nearly burnt down my marriage, twice, but found the ways to heal and allow sex to be a BALM in my life. So many women and men are seeking this too…so I am so humbled to share.

My advice for women who wish to grow their podcast is to be yourself – radically be yourself and allow that to magnetize your audience.

Impostor Syndrome, which can show up as “Am I allowed to say this? “Who am I to do this?” –  means many people just duplicate other’s voices or dumb down their message.


If it is meaningful, truthful, and helpful – then say it – in your own words and style, even if it feels edgy.

One of the reasons that Sexellence Podcast grew quickly was the transparency, humor, and authentic way we talked about the taboo but the curious subject of sex, and the personal stories we shared very personal stories.

But people would email, message and even stop me on the street and say:

“When you shared that story about “X”, I could really relate. I sent that episode to my husband, friend, etc. Thank you.”

Nothing like talking about your sex life to really make you own your voice – as a woman.

11. Lisa – Goalden Girls Podcast

Image via Goalden Girls Podcast

After running a successful blog and being voted one of Vancouver’s Top Mom Bloggers in 2019, I noticed that more and more of my community and readers were paying attention to podcasts. My clients kept asking me to suggest podcasts, and my friends kept recommending them to me. It got me thinking: is a blog still the best way to deliver my content to busy, ambitious women? I went straight to the source and asked my audience: did they prefer Youtube videos, Podcasts or Blogs? I posted on social media, direct-messaged people, and even talked to experts. The answer was pretty clear – podcasting was something my people can listen to while commuting, doing dishes or folding laundry. And as a natural talker, it felt like a perfect fit. It took a few months behind the scenes, but I launched the Goalden Girls Podcast in October 2019, and it’s been an incredible way to build meaningful relationships with potential customers, peers, and more. 

I use my podcast primarily as lead generation for my Coaching + Speaking business. I offer freebies that listeners can download that align with the episode. I also promote waitlists for certain programs. I have started doing some affiliate advertising on the podcast, and that’s slowly growing. I decided that instead of selling advertising, I would create ads for products I love and have gotten results with, or that I believe can truly serve my audience that I am an affiliate for. This is a longer-term strategy than selling ads for each episode, but it aligns with my values of only sharing what I really believe in and the fact that I’m here to stay. 

I monetize the podcast by sharing my own products and converting those into clients and using affiliate advertising and links. 

My podcast has helped drive new clients to me and my business. It has also allowed me to share affiliate links that really serve my people. It has also opened doors for me with fellow entrepreneurs and leaders, and expanded my network. It’s incredible to have a platform like Goalden Girls Podcast to invite incredible people to share their wisdom and inspiring stories. It allows me to have conversations and connections with people I otherwise might not get to have. This is definitely a longer-term perk, but definitely something I know will help me not only grow my network, but my business, and expand my mind as well.

12. Lorraine – Spirit of 608

Image via Spirit of 608

I’m a female podcast host and producer, and I create/publish the show Spirit of 608, which is focused on business at the intersection of fashion, entrepreneurship, sustainability + tech (a space I call FEST). 

That might sound pretty niche, but ethical/sustainable fashion and ethical business, in general, have been exploding over the last few years. There are thousands of entrepreneurs entering the space every quarter it seems, and we’re here to give them inspiration, advice, motivation, and tools they can use to create growing, thriving businesses that bring positive impact to the world.

I spent my career as a journalist covering fashion, fashion tech, and ecommerce startups for a number of publications, including the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper, FastCompany, WWD (Women’s Wear Daily), and many others. Along with those, I’ve been published in USA Today, NPR, Harper’s Bazaar, MensJournal, and many others.

After more than a decade reporting, I knew there was something seriously wrong with how the fashion industry functioned in our world — and at the same time, I saw a lot of new companies attempting to change things. So I created my show to have a home for that conversation, and it took on a life of its own. Soon, I was doing everything I could to transition out of working for others so I could pursue running the Spirit of 608 full-time.

In terms of monetizing, it took a couple of years to figure out the best model for us. We started out with a combination of sponsorships and consulting. About a year in, we launched a membership community called PressDope to help ethical brands do their own PR through training videos, guides, and private coaching.

Today we still monetize through sponsorships and paid partnerships, PressDope and consulting, but our primary revenue comes from public relations for ethical brands. We’re an integrated solution for brands on a mission. What that means is we can support brands in a more holistic way, both sharing their message through our podcast and social media channels, as well as reaching out to the media and members of the press on their behalf to gain earned media coverage.

While the podcast interviews themselves remain editorial and are not pay-for-play, we give our members and clients special opportunities and partner segments on the show and in our social media to help further their message and their reach. It’s a win-win because our audience is always hungry for more connection with brands who are innovators and approaching entrepreneurship with an eye toward social and environmental impact.

It’s helped my business in so many ways. In fact, it IS the entire foundation for the business. It’s not only the primary way most new clients first encounter the Spirit of 608, it’s also a great source of information gathering for our team and me that leads us to be able to better serve the people we work with. There are many agencies that offer public relations and help with positioning and growth strategy, but we’re deeply entrenched in the social impact community and have spent years interviewing founders and brands to learn how they’ve done what they do, what’s worked, what hasn’t and what they recommend.

People who listen to the podcast know that, and they know how much I care about helping brands thrive and why I am even in this in the first place. There’s a trust there, and it’s led to many great partnerships and opportunities both for the Spirit of 608 as a business as well as personally in my own life.

13. Lauren –
The DevelopHer Show

Image via The DevelopHer Show

I’m the Founder of DevelopHer, an award-winning online platform that trains women to advocate for themselves and negotiate for more money in their careers and the host of the podcast, The DevelopHer Show with Lauren Hasson. I’m also a full-time software engineer – I work full-time for a Silicon Valley payments company where I own our entire voice payment system and all of application security.

I started The DevelopHer Show podcast to showcase actual women in tech who are technical to show women what types of careers are possible. I’ve interviewed CTOs, VPs, and more female technical leaders to share their journeys so other women in tech can be inspired. 

Since then, I’ve learned that my own personal story of learning to advocate for myself and also negotiate really resonates with my audience. I’ve gone on to work with top tech companies like Google, Dell, Intuit, Armor, and more as well as top universities like Indiana and Tufts.

14. Amanda – Wellpreneur

Image via Wellpreneur

I’m the founder of Wellpreneur and the host of the Wellpreneur podcast, which I started in 2014.

The Wellpreneur Podcast is the go-to resource for entrepreneurs in the wellness industry (health coaches, yoga teachers, nutritionists, etc) and for entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses without burning out.

I started The Wellpreneur Podcast because I had recently become a certified health coach and was looking for interviews with successful coaches and wellness practitioners. That content didn’t exist in 2014, so I decided to create it! My background is in the tech industry, and I ran a hobby podcast in 2005, so I knew podcasting would be a good avenue for me. The growth was slow at first – lots of word of mouth among the health coaches who I knew personally, but then it gets momentum and starts to take off.

I also saw it grow by appearing on other podcasts and making it easy for my podcast guests to share their episodes. I love podcasting, and it’s created such an engaged community around my work, I really love being connected with entrepreneurs around the world this way! My voice has even been “recognized” on the phone, with people asking if I’m the host of the podcast. I’m always surprised at what a wide reach it has!

It’s been absolutely essential to my business growth. My podcast audience helped me launch my book (also called Wellpreneur) in 2017, which still sells steadily today three years later!

15. Ashley – The Money Mindset Podcast

Image via The Money Mindset Podcast

I am Ashley Patrick, a personal finance expert, and Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach. My podcast is The Money Mindset Podcast and is focused on helping families pay off debt by changing how they think about money. It is in the personal finance niche. I started it in September 2019, so it’s still a baby.

I decided to start it after I was a guest on a podcast, and it was so much fun! I am really enjoying connecting with others in the same space as I am. 

I haven’t monetized it, but I do promote my free products on the podcast. 

I have found that the biggest benefit is giving my audience another medium to hear my message. People are loving it, and it helps reinforce what I am trying to get people to learn and understand. It’s hard to always get that message across just through text.


We hope this list of female hosted podcasts inspires any of our female readers out there to take the leap to start your own podcast. To learn more about the exact process of starting a podcast, check out our complete guide here.

15 Amazing Podcasts Hosted by Women You Should Know About

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