7 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be On Pinterest

“Social media is about sociology and psychology more than technology.”

– Brian Solis

The quote above makes us realize the true power of social media.

What you put on for millions of people to see and witness on such a globally public platform doesn’t really go away even if you delete it later.

Thanks to that very innocent “share” button, online content perpetuates eternally.

It goes without saying that this can be a pretty disturbing thought for most. But this is also the best thing that could ever happen to a business!

Come to think of it….

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more such sites actively endorse paid campaigns and projects which sell like hotcakes because of the millions of users that use these portals.

Why should you start with Pinterest?

A brilliant social media portal where the world comes to see new image content and to share their own for the planet to see is Pinterest.

This is hands down one of the most visually powerful media platforms, which has turned the world into a close-knit community.

From home businesses to Etsy stores, solopreneurship to mega business marketing, Pinterest has not only seen it all, but it has also played its essential part for most.

Even though not many marketers use the platform, for now, an enormous upsurge could be expected in the nearest future for business endorsements. Pinterest has grown to be an extremely powerful tool for viral social media marketing.

This is expected to happen particularly for the B2C marketers who are searching for a valid portal to connect primarily with an informed female market (80% of Pinterest users are female).

And now, if you’re looking to promote your own business on Pinterest but are still doubtful, here are 7 reasons why you should right away!

1. Pinterest significantly influences purchase decisions

To start off, I firmly believe that Pinterest has one of the most loyal user bases of all other marketing or social media portals.

It produces shared content from literally the entire world and in effect, it does a fine job searching, recommending and even influencing the user base.

In fact, it has been found that a large number of Pinterest users or pinners use the platform for deciding what to buy or as a guide. Aside from being a giant social media platform, it’s also an enormous search engine.

Guilty of being someone who’s influenced by Pinterest’s marketing impact myself!

The added benefit of this is that it filters down the recommendations absolutely to your very favorites.

If you’re the customer, then it should be pretty easy to find exactly what you have been looking for, along with other recommendations that could be even better.

So, in short, the key factor that works here is the kind of interest Pinterest creates for all its users.

As per research that was conducted by Millward Brown, it was found that 87% of users or Pinners have bought an item because of the recommendations of Pinterest, while 93% plans to make a future purchase.

2. Generating immense social media traffic on Pinterest

Pinterest has all the power to create incredible social media traffic by connecting user bases through its recommendations.

As per statistical data analysis research has shown by Shareaholic that I came across recently, about 5% of the total referral traffic seen on websites comes from Pinterest. Here are some more interesting stats shared by Shareaholic:

• If you trust your website to increase marketing and sales, then the first thing that you should do is try generating traffic for leads.

• Pinterest stands second to Facebook itself that generates approximately 25% of the total referral traffic on the net.

• Although it can’t compete with Facebook with such a staggering figure, it does drive considerably more traffic than StumbleUpon, Reddit and Twitter! Each of these sites possesses less than a 1% share of the total market.

• Pinterest is now known to drive more traffic to Real Simple website than what Facebook does! I did go through the statistical analysis for HubSpot and found the same thing there: a huge Pinterest influence!

It is on a roll, driving more referral traffic than Google+ and this I think is a substantially strong point about its power!

The platform is an immensely powerful tool to increase links back to your website which would drive more and more traffic. And would you believe me if I said that 18% of all of it comes directly from Twitter!

3. Active presence or not- you’ll profit from Pinterest either way!

This was one of the reasons that had got me hooked on Pinterest in the first place.

Your business won’t even require an active Pinterest presence to enjoy the rewards of this social media platform!

Other social media sites need a continuous online presence and a substantial period of time for driving sales and traffic. Pinterest, on the other hand, gives you the benefit of doing so even while you’re offline.

This greatly hacks down on the enormous amount of time spent on just advertising a brand or product.

Sure, an active presence on the portal will bring you more sales and traffic within a shorter span of time. However, even if you can’t afford to be online all the time, merely having the right pinnable images and “pin-it” buttons on your website will bring significant benefits!

Trust me on this as I was able to create an entire business layout on the basis of these magic pin-buttons and images!

Always keep in mind that Pinterest depends on “user-sharing” and not by those brands who force their ideas or messages on the consumers.

Do keep your messages as uncomplicated and approachable as you can for your site. This will convert into traffic.

4. The Pinterest user base is open and liberal towards brand marketing on this portal.

From what I came across in recent social media research, as per Ahalogy’s research, Pinterest users do show a lot of interest in connecting with brands on this platform.

When users were asked if they would instead choose to follow their favorite brand or store/celebrity, 83% of the total user base said that they would follow the brands.

And this is something that I totally get.

More than any sort of endorsements by celebrities, stores or outlet, brands can showcase their entire range of products on Pinterest.

This seems to make all the difference for customers as it helps them judge the product themselves at first glance without external influences.

So, if you want a legit advertising foundation for launching your brand, then I would suggest you get on to Pinterest right away!

This brand preference is seen to hold substantial ground in the case of a range of different industries, based on the same Ahalogy research:

67% of Pinterest users said they would instead follow their preferred beauty brands rather than their make-up artist.

70% of the users preferred following their trusted brand of baby products than their baby expert.

70% of the users preferred following their trusted brand of baby products than their baby expert. 73% of the pinners said that they would instead follow their favorite hair care brand rather their preferred hair stylist.

5. Pinterest users possess more purchasing power than those who don’t use Pinterest.

If you’re looking to connect with a high-income earning demographic especially on a social networking site, then you need not look further than Pinterest.

I still remember when one of my friends, Josh, wanted to become an influencer on Pinterest for his startup and was looking for such as demographics.

“Hey, Jeremy,” he had said, “Do you think Pinners could really be the kind of demographic that would solely generate sales…like more than the non-users?” I’d admit to you, that I wasn’t at my most confident self when I had answered in the affirmative back then.

It was solely based on an Ahalogy research that had shown that active Pinterest users possessed an average income which was 9% higher than that of the non-users.

And it panned out like a dream when he hit the right spot on the platform!

This is a highly sought-after target demographic, and brands which go after it actually receive certain additional benefits for using Pinterest.

One of them is that this considerably active portion relies almost entirely on Pinterest recommendations rather than browsing magazines, catalogues, or watching commercials on TV.

This means the brands that want to engage with such users on Pinterest will be able to connect with them at a way lesser cost than what is required by traditional advertising media.

6. An active presence on Pinterest will help you stay on top of recent and emerging trends in the industry!

Pinterest has a huge hold on industries of fashion, home decor, beauty, gardening and pretty successfully, art! This gives you access to an enormous amount of data and content base with an equally gigantic user base involved in using for their own profit.

In this regard, Pinterest can also provide you with essential insights into what is in trend.

This includes everything about the ruling trends, the recent ones that have substantially influenced the market and, most importantly, the emerging ones.

This provides you with a healthy view of the competition which is immensely important for your business, impacting brand-recognition directly.

Therefore to get this, it would require for you to keep a tab on what’s happening in your field via your active online presence.

As you go about pinning new images and/or creating new boards, do keep an out on what brands and trends acquire the most amount of traction.

You could visit the famous brands and their boards to check out what has been pinned or what is trending and getting the most number of likes and repins. Then, use this data to add to or improve your current range of products.

7. The incredible potential of Pins

Whatever opinions you and I have of Pinterest, we can’t just deny the power of its pins! These hold all the power and make it an incredibly influential marketing portal.

It has been seen that the average number of repins for each pin comes to a score of 4.2. It means that every time a user repins your product, it will have the potential to reach and connect with 4 users.

Pins can even fetch you more inbound links. Every pin used on Pinterest contains a link that leads users back to the source of the image they have pinned.

According to John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing, links that have been built through images can be some of the best ones that you can get in the field of management.

On Pinterest, approximately 95% of the pictures had either been pinned or repinned from the web.

As the popularity of Pinterest grows, so does the possibility of your acquiring precious inbound links through this platform. Even though these can be “no follow links,” any sort of link that leads visitors back to your site always has its benefits.

Some of the best ways to increase traction for your pins may be:

• Concentrate on pinning and repinning those pins that are related to contents such as DIYs, tutorials, etc. rather than just products.

• Use rich pins to attach rich media to the images you have pinned.

• Pinning large, vibrantly coloured images will instantly attract more attention, getting loads of repins.

• Try using relevant keywords for your boards and pins for attracting immediate search traffic. This will help you to rank in an “on-site” search.

Final words

Pinterest could be one of the coolest ways you could help your business reach an enormous sphere of consumers within no time at all. But only if you knew how to explore its potential to the fullest! And that’s where I hope this guide gave you a vital perspective about.

So, did I convince you to hop onto Pinterest and give it a shot? If you’re interested in learning how to profit from Pinterest, check out our other article 5 Ways Any Blogger Can Earn $10,000 With Pinterest.

Looking to create a dynamic social media presence for your business? Look no further than Pinterest! And here are all the reasons WHY!

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