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How To Negotiate For A Pay Raise

How To Negotiate For A Pay Raise The thought of having to negotiate for a pay raise has always struck fear in employees. I'm sure you are wondering what can you do to increase your salary and the right negotiation tactics needed to achieve it. You will first need to...

My Biggest Regret As A Teenager

My Biggest Regret During My Teenage Years My biggest regret when I was younger was not taking that leap of faith. Recently, I was inspired by one of my workshop attendees during one of my workshop sessions. He just turned 18 and he told me that he wishes to start an...

How To Set Up Google My Business In 2019

How To Set Up Google My Business Before you set up your Google Business account, you first need to understand the use of Google My Business and how it helps your business. It simply helps you reach out to customers that are searching for your business, or similar...

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